• Regarding Some Words from our Choir Members
  • "I am new this year to Woodend Warblers and have found it such a positive group dynamic - one that I haven't experienced before. The goodwill and generous spirit of the members easily transcends the (my) musical skill set. I'm loving the feeling of warmth, inclusion and generosity of spirit that this group embodies." Trudy

    "So much laughter at rehearsals, we always go home happier than when we came." Annelies

    "I joined the Woodend Warblers 2 years ago. I had no ability to read sheet music, had never sung in a choir, I was a kitchen singer. I found a warm, welcoming group of people that do not judge you on your skills, encourage and accept you as another lover of song. The Warblers are family." Vicki

    "Andrew's choice of songs and well crafted arrangements means the repertoire gives everyone something to work at and enjoy singing. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious.". Phil

    "The Woodend Warblers have really helped me find my sense of community in a new town. Andrew and the choir members are so friendly and welcoming, and I get a lot of joy from the beautiful sounds we make together!" Rachel

    "There is a strong sense of trust in this group – everyone is supported".

    "Came for the singing, stayed for the musicianship"

    "Being part of the Warblers has added so much joy to my life - even those of us who are not confident singers are able to find a voice and a place in this friendly, supportive bunch of people. Andrew does a fantastic job of teaching everyone to sing!" Jenny

    "I came to Woodend a grieving widower, found an unruly mob masquerading as a choir who ignored their conductor, did not Warble but sang heavenly harmonies, embraced me and taught me how to be happy again.". Richard

    "Singing is a wonderful way of finding your emotional spirit and expressing it in a way others can share and feel with you. Singing with the Warblers is the road to happiness". Max

    "Singing in a choir is THE BEST way to challenge yourself while surrounded by supportive people. Warblers are such a wonderful group. Andrew is an amazing Director, he makes every rehearsal fun." Danielle

    "This choir is a tonic and a heart warmer for cold Woodend winters.".

    "In one of the best examples of under promising and over delivering this joyful a cappella SATB community choir calls itself ‘Warblers' – irony on steroids!"

    "A vibrant, joy inducing group of vocally talented legends which leaves me feeling elated and smiling." Lynsey


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