Don't Stop Us Now!

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Posted By: Annelies Norland
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Date Posted: Wed, 10 May 2023

This is going to sound like a travel blog but for those readers who have not yet visited the Murtoa Stick Shed, make sure it is on your ‘to do list’.  You will thank me for it!  Almost four years to the day since our first public performance, the Woodend Warblers had the opportunity to return to Murtoa, a quaint lakeside town in the Wimmera, having been invited to join in the town’s 150th birthday celebrations. 

In 2018 just twelve members of the fledgling choir took part in the Murtoa Big Sing.  In 2022, 36 Warblers, under the Direction of Andrew Price, headed up the highway for a day of singing and camaraderie.  Sadly, the concert was not held in the Stick Shed as originally planned but the Warblers managed to have an impromptu sing-along in this soaring edifice between rehearsals.  Several other choirs were also invited to the celebrations and we came together for a goose-bump rendition of Amazing Grace accompanied by bagpipes. 

The Warblers entertained a packed Mechanic’s Hall with a range of numbers to highlight our repertoire; Siyahamba, And I Love Her, Don’t Stop Me Now, In This Heart and the rousing One Day Like This.  An After Party was held at the Marma Gully Hotel, metres from the venue.  The hotel was built in 1913 but had fallen into disrepair and is being lovingly restored to its former glory by our hosts Geoff and Thelma. 

For me the highlight of the evening was being ‘piped’ back to the hotel to the tune of ‘A Scottish Soldier’.