Notes From a Wobbly Warbler

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Posted By: Annelies Norland
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, 9 May 2023

What! Me? Sing?

When my daughter, newly arrived in Woodend with her family this year, suggested I join her to give Woodend Warblers a try, all I could think of were obstacles. I hadn’t sung in a choir since school, over half a century ago. I don’t read music. I don’t play an instrument. I am rather deaf and wear hearing aids.

But we summoned our limited courage and turned up at Norma Richardson Hall at 7.30pm on a Wednesday evening in February. We checked in and were welcomed by conductor Andrew Price who asked what section we sing. I have a deep voice, certainly not soprano, so I guessed alto. No audition, no try out, we were just directed to the far side of the hall!

This is a most friendly group, with some experienced choristers who are very happy to stand behind you and help you out with tricky bits. Andrew keeps it fun. He hands out duplicated sheet music, but as this is a very modern choir, he also puts up the music and audio of the separate sung parts on the Warblers’ website. So you can practise at home. The music covers a range of popular songs, spirituals and carols for Christmas.

During the year we have had tedious pandemic times when we could not meet. Then silly times, hyperventilating when trying to sing through duck-bill masks. But now, unmasked, double vaxxed, and with more singers returning, we are in great voice. We’ve even performed in public again.
And by the end of the year? Buzzing confusion for me, has given way to greater confidence. I have new friends. Singing in this choir is therapeutic. I love it!